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Recommended resources

Explore our series of blog-style posts created by people that have been impacted by dementia. In each post, individuals share their experiences and recommend resources they have personally found helpful in their lives and work. If you’d like to contribute a similar blog post, please reach out to knowledge broker Nick Ubels at [email protected]

Five seriously fun ideas from a Recreation Therapist

As Recreation Therapist, I help people with dementia improve their overall well-being and support them to live full lives through fun and leisure activities. After a diagnosis of dementia, life can feel unsatisfying and limited. By focusing on personal strengths and remaining capacities, and being open to new experiences, it is possible to live well…

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two women gardening

Effective online supports help navigate behaviours in dementia

Whether you are a health care professional or a family caregiver, caring for an individual with dementia is not easy. The experience can be isolating, and it can be extremely challenging to navigate the difficult situations you may now find yourself in. The good news is that expert advice and support is now widely available…

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The power of arts, creativity, and self-expression across the lifespan

My name is Kate Dupuis and I am a psychologist, researcher, and professor. In my work, I help people participate in activities that are meaningful to them to help ensure their days have purpose and direction. We know that many older adults, including those living with dementia, enjoy participating in activities that are artistic, creative,…

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Supporting independence and personhood

I remember how it felt when the doctor said to me — “You have dementia.” As much as I was expecting it, it still was a surprise, shock perhaps, to hear the words out of the doctor’s mouth. Some people have referred to this moment as a punch in the stomach. Others have expressed relief…

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